How much interaction?

How much interaction do I give the audience of both the online story and theatre show?

Current Interaction Idea: 

1. The online film is interactive in that it requires scrolling/swiping and clicking. The audience will also be given choices that the character will need to make.

clamberimages (1)

Inspirations: Clerkenwall Close  and Chris Milks ‘Rome’

2. At a certain point in the online story, the audience will reach a specific location where they can’t continue the story. This location will be an exact representation of what the set of the live theatre show looks like. To continue the story, the audience will be able to return at a specific time and watch a streaming live theatre performance. Once the theatre show is complete they will be able to continue the online world and finish the story.


*Inspiration for the set of the theatre show*

3. Theatre goers 

Participants will also be able to attend the theatre show and watch it live. Of course, this has geographic constraints but those able to attend will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a theatre performance. After the theatre show, they could then log into the app/website and begin or continue the online story.

Interaction Possibilities. 

1. The choices made previously in the application or website could inform the choices made by the actor on stage during the live theatre show.

2. When an audience member logs in online, there could be some sort of mapping device or visual representation of them in the theatre.  This could be a nice way of connecting the audiences together.

3. The online audience members could determine the path of the theatre show through various choices they are given online.

Check out the ‘Project as it is’ for an updated brief.

‘How much interaction should go into a game’ – interesting read.

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2 thoughts on “How much interaction?

  1. I like your idea that decisions in the app affect outcomes in the live performance. I tend to enjoy sitting back in a theater and experiencing the story without interaction, but knowing that I affected some decisions through the app would still feel interactive. My main concern if I were having messages sent to the mobile devices of audience members would be that they’ll also notice an email or text from someone else and it would distract their attention from the story.

    It might be interesting if I could explore the theater set in the app/website and discover a gun in a drawer or love note behind a picture, for example. Or even help decide whether it’s a break-up or love letter. Then you could play off the fact that the audience has this knowledge but a character in the stage production doesn’t.

    Very cool ideas, best of luck with the New Frontier submission!

    • You are completely right. When I see a theatre show I mostly don’t want to be involved. I want to sit back and not feel like I have to interact. What I am thinking now is to really make the application the central device of the entire project. Deliver content to this application throughout the process. An audience member downloads the app (serves as the ticket), and in the month leading up to the performance different content is delivered to each audience member in ‘Chapters’. The content could be anything such as video, a scrollable world, a piece of audio etc. In each chapter the audience will be able to make one choice that leads their character on a different path. The last chapter and climax will be the theatre show itself. The app is used inside the theatre (similar to your suggestions above) and because the app has been a part of the experience in the previous chapters, I am hoping it will feel natural to the audience. The audience will also collectively, through the app, be able to make one or two important decisions that decide on the main characters fate.
      Thanks so much for your comments, it really did make us rethink some ideas. Its funny. Your idea about the gun in a drawer is something very similar to an earlier concept we had. Keep in touch.

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