Is this just a trick? Questioning my Transmedia Pitch

Yesterday I sat down for a brainstorming session with an interactive designer who is partnering with me on this project. I explained the current brief, showed him some of the inspirations I found online, and justified my reasoning. (see current brief here) He looked at me cautiously and asked a question that I think will stick with me throughout the next month of pitch development.

He asked me “You have to ask yourself, is this a trick? I mean sure this looks cool, but does it have any emotion, does it move you?”– I looked at my brief and replied “Yes most of this is just a trick”.


At the heart of everything is the story, and I am very aware of the importance of this, and I’m always thinking of the story. However,  I feel like I’m bogged down by all the possibilities – The possibilities of technology- the possibility of reaching a global audience- the possibility of allowing an audience to interact.  The list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong all of this is freaking cool, but I suppose what I’m saying is: I ‘ve been asking myself the wrong questions! You’d think I would of asked the right questions with all the research I have done with storyforward/storylab podcasts, Andrea Phillips book, and the many sites that are discussing these ideas. I suppose there is something in discovering it through development and practise.

For now on in, everything I do, the following questions will be asked:

1) Will this move an audience? 

2) Do all these different parts feel like part of the whole? Is it seamless? 

3) What technology will portray what I am trying to say at this moment in the most impactful way?

With that said, I’ve got to do some work. I need to rethink this idea.

One thing I am going to consider in detail is this idea of global vs local. 

Why am I trying to please a worldwide audience? Make it work locally first.


Feel free to comment. 


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