Character Descriptions

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS (images are reference only)

DA WEI, 17


Da Wei has been in a camp for the last 10 years training for the Olympics. The environment is extremely strict, and he is a product of that environment. He strives to be normal and knows that there is more to life than training for the Olympics. He has extreme amounts of pressure from everyone around him. He truly believes that he is not good enough anymore and has convinced himself that he will never succeed in the sport. As a result he yearns for a normal life. He is a sincere and kind hearted young man. However, he gets easily upset and can lose him temper at any minute. He doesn’t understand certain social situations and often misreads them.

MR. WEI, 48 


Da’s father Mr. Wei, is a simple man who has lived all his life on the farm. The years of hard work has had its toll on Mr. Wei, and he is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their piece of land. He is counting on Da’s success and is very much looking forward to leaving the farm behind. At times, he can be completely stubborn and a hard man to deal with. However , when his tough exterior breaks down (which is not often), he can be a very warm and loving man.

FANG, 17


Fang is cool, or at least he tries his best to be. He is obsessed with material goods and dreams of driving a porsche, drinking champagne and living in a top floor of an expensive apartment complex. He is a young entrepreneur who is always thinking of ways in which he can make money. Unfortunately, sometimes his methods are on the borderline of the law. He is a confident young man, who has a good sense of humour. His confidence can come across as arrogant, and is more famously known as the town bully.

PANG, 17


Pang is a good natured young women. She is smart (top of her class) and dreams of living in the city. When she was young she was called ‘Fatty’ but has in the last few years matured into an attractive young lady. She has a strong moral compass and believes in hard work.

*More characters to come*


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