Location: Farms (outskirts of Shanghai)

We have found our location! We will be shooting on the outskirts of Shanghai where industry has almost but not completely taken over the landscapes.

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I am sure in a couple of years all of this will be gone, making way for more some sort of factory or highway. Just down the road from this is a massive coca cola plant, and a coal fuled electricity

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Its amazing how a location can inspire ideas and jumpstart the storyworld. I could really picture our main character walking along the railway tracks, or eat dinner in his kitchen. There is something very raw about this place. It feels completely organic.

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For hudreds of years these farms were owned by Shanghainese but now they are mostly rented out to migrant workers who are either working on the farms or in the factories nearby.

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We are aiming to film samples for our pitch next week. Which is extremely exciting.


Engaging a theatre audience with an App?

During the last couple of days of my Chinese May holidays I’ve completely revised my project based on the questions I raised from the post ‘Is this just a trick?”.

@MikeVogel in a comment said it perfectly “I tend to enjoy sitting back in a theater and experiencing the story without interaction” – and he is perfectly right, so do I.  

With that in mind, how do I make the use of an app within a theatre show seamless and without distraction.

OK, this is what I came up with.

Why not make the application the heart or common thread of the story that ties everything together. Treat the theatre show as simply the last chapter in a series of chapters that are all expressed through the application.  So that by the time the theatre show comes around, using the app would feel familiar and integral to the performance and the project as a whole.

The below cheesy flowchart  are just samples of what could be used in the app.


Check out the ‘Project as it is’ for an update on a more detailed description of how the app will be integrated.